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We are ready to welcome you to this new edition of the Book Fair of small and medium publishing.


dal 1 al 31 luglio 2021


We are ready to welcome you to this new edition of the Book Fair of small and medium publishing.



And milio Brancadoro

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TraLeRighe Agency


M ichela Tanfoglio

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Literary agent


S ilvana

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Organizational Secretariat

R oberta Luprano

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Book Blooger

M aura

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Book Blogger


BukItaly 2021 takes place from 30 April to 2 May 202. Public admission to the fair is free and open 24 hours a day.

All authors registered with the Tralerighe Agency ( participate for free in the event.

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How does it work?

The Fair is organized in online TRANSMISSIONS , in VIDEO INTERVIEWS , in an online CATALOG.

The transmissions take place through the STREAMYARD platform, a very simple tool to use and within everyone's reach. To participate, simply click on the link that will be communicated 6 days before the live broadcast.

Each event is reproduced on the SOCIAL channels of TraLeRighe (Community and Page) and on the WEB platform of the event.

The BukItaly 2021 WEB platform offers several sections:

- Transmissions

- Authors Catalog

- Publishing Houses Catalog

- Interviews

- Palafestival

- WRITERS SHOW ( evening )

The BukItaly 2021 program guides the public to the various rooms to attend the various events.

A special space is offered free to musicians in the PALAFESTIVAL section. Each musician can submit up to 10 YouTube links dedicated to playing personal songs.

The PALAFESTIVAL section also presents the 30-minute live "concerts" made with STREAMYARD broadcasts.

The authors registered with the TraLeRighe Agency in FRIEND or MEMBER mode and the authors of the Publishing Houses registered in BukItaly can participate at BukItaly at no cost.

The broadcasts and the Palafestival are reserved for publishing houses and authors registered with the Agency in MEMBER mode.

The Catalog sections present the books of each author and each Publishing House with the links for the purchase of each publication.

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