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Motionless In White-When Love Met Destruction Full Album Zip |VERIFIED|

Motionless In White last appeared here on Rockfreaks when we reviewed their debut album "When Love Met Destruction". For those who also don't know, that said album was later re-mixed/mastered and rereleased as an EP. Apparently they ran out of print of the album and decided to streamline the whole package by narrowing it down to the best songs(from their pespective at least). More than a year and a record label deal in the bag later, the band are back with their new second metalcore full length "Creatures". What I particularly enjoyed about the last album was the whole borderline theatrical nature of the atmosphere these guys created track after track. Everything sounded dark, gothic, and even occasionally haunting. We're not talking anything subtle or overly artsy, but full on in-your-face choir, organs, church bells, and piano samples as well as keyboard synths (their sound actually reminds me a lot of It Dies Today when they still had Nick Brooks).

Motionless in white-When Love Met Destruction full album zip

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"Creatures" is a big album, and actually shows that the band has at least solidified somewhat since their last full release. The guitar work has significantly improved in places and even at times resemble August Burns Red with some cool new intense and technical riffs (listen to "Abigail" for example), just be warned that there are still a hell of a lot of breakdowns (even though they're pretty well worked) - and a lot of them are even heavier than those we've heard before. Fortunately those melodic hooks dispersed throughout that we heard before can still be found here in healthy doses. The catchy clean vocal choruses mixed in amongst the utter carnage of vocalist Chris Motionless' (yes I'm sure that isn't his real name) scathing growls and screams are a simple combination but in the context of the whole cheesy horror sound the band have, it works particularly well because his vocals are a perfect complement. Do bear in mind though that the lyrics are extremely hit or miss, especially if you don't like the whole gothic horror imagery being deployed. There's a nice guest spot from ex-It Dies Today vocalist Nick Brooks on "Abigail" (that guy should never have left the band in my opinion, since he sounds right at home here unsurprisingly). The keyboards yet again function as one of the main weapons of the band throughout the twelve tracks here. Being more than just a showtime gimmick, they continue to provide layers of powerful ambience and some decent lead synth lines ("London In Terror" and "Count Choculitis" in particular come to mind). 350c69d7ab

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