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Depeche Mode Complete Discography Torrent Download ((LINK))


Depeche Mode Complete Discography Torrent Download ((LINK))

No, this is none of those things, because illegal downloading is here to stay. It was born of the music industry's decision to kill the LP and increase its profit margin 1,000 percent by foisting the digital technology of CDs on music fans, the same technology that eventually made possible the mp3 and the RapidShare files and the torrents that the recording industry hates so much. It's a little like the United States providing chemical weapons to Iraq in the 1980s and then fighting against them in the aughts.

But I digress. Today's discussion for those addicted to the little, blue frog icon in their dock next to Audio Hijack and EasyWMA is on the rise of huge complete-discography torrents, and the simple fact that there can possibly be too much of a good thing. Like a bathtub full of IPA poured into a beer bong. Like a hundred browser windows filled with beautiful naked women. Like a heaping pile of spaghetti shoveled onto the table by a man in a red suit and bowtie.

However, with digital distribution, there is no reason why Mute, Depeche Mode and Apple have to stick to this pricing model, and could not have released a bundle of the 59 exclusive tracks for their combined individual cost - or even for 60 or 65 with a bit of mark-up, rather than insisting that fans shell out the extra to get the rest of the material they already own. If you buy the 'complete' set just to get hold of the exclusives, the tracks are retailing at an equivalent of 2.37 each. 153554b96e

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