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Spearfishing is legal for the taking of non-game fish only. Non-game fish includes buffalo, carp, gar, goldfish, suckers, shad, and tilapia. The taking of any game fish--including bass, striped bass and their hybrids, white bass, any catfish, and walleye--by spearing is strictly prohibited. State fishing regulations are in effect on the United States side of the reservoir. A valid Texas fishing license is required. A Mexican fishing license is required for fishing on the Mexican portion of Lake Amistad. Check Mexican regulations before diving or spearfishing in Mexico.

With over 500 different species of rays identified, this group of cartilaginous fish are more varied then their cousin the shark. Stingrays derive their name from their long, skinny tails, many of which have poisonous stingers used for self-defense. Due to these predominant stingers, please take caution when diving or walking through waters with stingrays. As long as you keep a safe distance, you can experience beautiful dives with them. They are mostly found on the seabed where they hide under the sand and feed on fish, crabs, worms, snails, and other mollusks.

One of the most fascinating fish on the reef, moray eels come in nearly every size and color from the tiny, bright blue ribbon eel, the smallest averaging only 25 cm long, to the black speckled giant moray which can grow up to 4 meters in length! In fact, there are nearly 200 different species. Most morays are marine dwelling fish, but several species have been seen in brackish water, and just a few are found in fresh water. They are clearly distinguishable from the other reef fish with their long, slithering bodies, pointy snouts full of sharp teeth, and long dorsal fins that run the entire length of their bodies. No matter the species, these animals are always an exciting site to see while scuba diving.

An octopus has eight arms with suction cups which it uses as powerful tools for hunting prey, defense against attackers, and locomotion along the seafloor. They are one of the most fascinating marine animals on the planet. Every octopus has a designated arm that it favors and uses most often. Because they have no inner skeleton, they are extremely mobile and can slip through the narrowest gaps and holes. Some species can even survive and move on land for a short time. Scuba diving with an octopus is an amazing and rewarding experience.

Divers from around the world visit John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park to explore the living coral reefs of the Florida Keys and experience diving amidst the area's natural wildlife habitat. Our PADI 5-Star Gold Palm facility offers two-location, two-tank dives twice daily, at 9:00am and 1:30pm.

The Manta Team, professional and attentive PADI instructors, together with our support staff, Boat Captains, and office team, all with the same goal: taking our customers to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world while using scuba, having a fun and safe experience

Explained briefly, scuba diving is a water sport that involves breathing air from a tank while underwater. Scuba is an acronym for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Most scuba divers are recreational divers who explore underwater environments such as lakes, rivers, quarries, kelp forests and coral reefs. There are also people who scuba dive for work including public safety divers, marine biologists and many others.

Many divers own their own scuba gear and either rent tanks or get their tanks filled at a local shop. Others rent all their diving equipment. Watch this video to learn more about how scuba gear works.

To learn to dive you must have basic swimming skills and no underlying health conditions. People of all abilities can scuba dive, including individuals with paraplegia, amputations, or other physical challenges.

We offer a personal scuba diving Phuket experience with fun, friendly and quality service. Our team are passionate and knowledgeable about Scuba diving and go above and beyond to ensu

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